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Dear Pupils, Parents and Guardians,

Can I first of all thank you for your patience and understanding over the last 3 months. When we closed the school we had to put in place new ways of learning that never existed before and there have been teething problems. However, you have persevered with us and been incredibly tolerant along the way.

We will no longer be updating the shared resources area from the 19th of June onward. The shared resources area will remain open to pupils and if a new password is required over the Summer please continue to contact me on Similarly, if you want extra work for your son over the Summer please contact me at the same address. We are finishing on this date so that form teachers and year heads can write a Summer report on your son. We will not be grading pupils in every subject. This would be unfair as everyone’s experience of homeschooling has been different. We do think it is important that parents and pupils get some form of recognition for the academic year that has passed therefore we will be sending out a report based on the progress your son has made this since September.

In relation to reopening St Joseph’s we are still awaiting guidance from the Education Minister. So far announcements have been made through the media. This had led to a very confusing picture and one that changes daily and sometimes within the hour. So far we have no firm date for reopening and no information on what form that reopening will take. There are plenty of unanswered questions, What I do know is that when we reopen we will do so with the health and well-being of your son as our number one priority.

Can I thank you again for your understanding and please get in contact if anything is required over the Summer.

Best wishes and stay safe

Declan Murray

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