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St Patrick Celebrations ☘️

A huge Congratulations to all those involved in the St Joseph’s Ceili Celebrations, featuring guest performers from Our Lady’s Grammar. Well done to both Schools’ Musicians, Dancers, Music Departments, and staff, including many supportive staff from St Joseph’s, and Mrs McVeigh from Our Lady’s. Thanks also to guest drummer Tom McAllister.

A special mention goes to our singers who led the international section of the event; Year 8 pupils Denis, who hails from the Catalan Region of Spain, and El Magio, who has Portuguese roots but was also able to sing in Spanish.

A massive Thankyou to the Godmother of Ceili Dance herself,- Sister Mercedes Coen, who inspired this event. Sister put the pupils through their paces, and inspired us with her energy and humour. Thankyou sister Mercedes, we hope you see you again soon.

Last of all, well done and thanks to Miss Anna McAllister who organised and coordinated the event. 👏

We hope that you all have a very Happy St Patrick’s Day. ☘️ ⭐️☘️🎶


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