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  • Mr Doyle
  • Mr Mallon
  • Mr Nolan
  • Mr McEvoy (Technician)



This subject intends to:

    1. Foster enjoyment in the experience of learning and encourage pupils to take pride in their achievements.
    2. Focus on the needs and opportunities which arise from a wide range of contents, including home, leisure and industry.
    3. To provide opportunities to work with a wide range of materials including wood, metal and plastic.

Health & Safety

It is important that all pupils are given an early and clear understanding of the safe practice in Technology & Design.  
Safety will be stressed from the first day the pupil arrives in the Department. It will be reinforced consistently during the manufacture and design stages of each specific task.

Year 8 Projects

Task: to design and make a small picture frame
Introduction to materials
Develop manufacturing skills
Task: Design and make a Drawing Pin remover (metal)
Develop 2D drawing skills
Understand simple lever mechanism
To develop an understanding of mild steel
Task: design and make a pull along toy (cam action)
Understand simple cam mechanism
Task: design and make a key fob.
Understand a simple circuit

Year 9

Task: to design and make a small metal car

Understand fixed axles and wheels

Develop an understanding and appreciation of mild steel

Connected learning – science
Task: to design and make a steady hand game

Understand simple electronics (latch)
Task: to design and make a small motor operated windmill

Develop an understanding of pulleys, motors and gears

Connected learning – geography

Year 10

Task: to design and make an automatic night light

Understand the potential divider circuit and basic electronic components
Task: design and make a small candleholder

Develop manufacturing skills ie. Wood turning
Task: to design and make a cam-operated toy

Develop an understanding of the three main types of cam, pear, off centre and heart shape
Task: to draw in isometric and oblique

Develop 3D drawing skills

Year 11 & 12

Two year GCSE Technology & Design (Resistant Material) Course
Year 11
Pupils will design and make projects using wood, metal and acrylic. They will use these experiences to help decide on a chosen project and material for their main project in GCSE. Pupils will be required to complete theory work through-out their year 11.

Year 12
Pupils will design and make a major project that solves a particular design problem. By Easter of Year 12, each pupil will be required to have completed a design folder and a practical project for assessment for their GCSE exam.

Occupational Studies 
Year 11
a) Manufacturing Techniques ( Sheet metal )

b) Bench joinery
Year 12
a) Manufacturing Techniques (Hand Fitting)

b) Carpentry & Joinery



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