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In St Joseph’s Boy’s School, we offer irish to all pupils as our language of choice. Irish is the language which is embedded in our cultural, geographic and historical background and there already exists a vibrant irish speaking community in our area. We aim to instil in pupils a sense of their Irish identity through using our native language.


We strive to give our pupils an enjoyable langauge learning experience. At key stage 3, we enter all pupils in the CCEA ‘online language assessment’ series of examinatiions. This affords pupils the opportunity to attain recognised certification should they elect to discontinue with the language at key stage 4. We have also created a series of Irish language resources on the ‘yacapaca’ website, where pupils enjoy completing tasks based on the topics studied in school.

Pupils are also afforded the opportunity to attend the summer courses offered by gael-linn at coláiste machaire rabhartaigh in co. donegal.


Mr A Bradley



Pupils focus on the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing with the emphasis firmly placed on the communicative aspect. Topic ares covered include:

  • myself, family and friends

  • hobbies and interests

  • school life

  • the weather

  • eating out

  • travel and holiday

  • shopping

  • the world of work

  • public services.



The O.L.A. series of examinations undertaken at KS3 offer a valuable springboard into the study of Irish for GCSE. Pupils can choose Irish as an option at this level and they must complete two controlled assessments for each of the written and speaking elements of the examination. They are also examined in the listening and reading components.

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