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Thursday 27th February saw the beginning of the new St.Joseph’s STEM club.

With the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) agenda at the forefront of careers education and guidance this offers a fantastic opportunity for St Joseph’s pupils to work on STEM projects which will both capture their imagination and carry forward the skills learned into their education and career. 

Within the club pupils have the opportunity to express their creativity in designing projects using the skills they have gained in each of these subjects in a fun and enjoyable way.


Through the STEM club pupils will have the opportunity to pursue an interest in each of the STEM subjects and will also be able become part of a UK scheme to develop into a fully qualified “STEM Ambassador” for St.Joseph’s Boys’ High School.

The photographs show the boys with Mr.Nolan and Mr.Taylor beginning the “Egg Drop” challenge in which they have to design and make a suitable protection system to allow an egg to be dropped from a height of 5 metres safely and securely using only everyday materials.

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