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Check out our new Virtual Tour


For our new Year 8 pupils and their parents and guardians.....and everyone else too....😊


Due to the current pandemic our new year 8’s and their parents did not get the chance to visit our school in June, for a tour of the building or to meet our staff. Unfortunately our summer scheme was cancelled too! 😕


But we have gone one step better.....

Our school building has 3 floors. Explore the corridors (no running and keep to the left hand side of the corridors please 😉), walk into your new classrooms, and check out our students great work displayed on the notice boards. Familiarise yourself with the layout of the building before school starts.


Thanks to Mr Gallagher and Mr Fearon for making this virtual tour possible. 👏


Please tag and share our new Year 8 parents and guardians....thank you 😊

Click on the link below and have a look at our Virtual Tour of the school and meet some of our staff along the way.

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