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Below are the key school policies at St Joseph's:

Anti-Bullying Policy

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy Appendices

Child Protection Flowchart

Pastoral Care Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Positive Behaviour Policy


Should you require a copy of any of the following school policies - please contact the school for further details.

  • Curriculum Policy

  • Literacy Policy

  • Numeracy Policy

  • Special Needs Policy

  • Assessment Marking & Reporting Policy

  • Teaching & Learning Policy

  • School Development

  • Target Setting Policy

  • Discipline Policy

  • Relationships & Sexuality

  • Drugs Policy

  • Use of Reasonable Force

  • ICT Policy

  • Policy for Acceptable Use of Internet

  • Staff Development Including Induction

  • Staff Discipline Policy, Incorporating Attendance

  • Admissions Policy

  • Pupil Induction

  • School Trips Including Work Experience

  • Extra-curricular Activities

  • Financial Management Plan

  • Charges & Remissions Policy

  • Complaints Policy

  • Freedom of Information Policy

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