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Our Learning Support Centre consists of two composite classes, Years 8-10 and Years 11-12.

Students work closely with teachers and support staff within the department, ensuring that every opportunity is taken to overcome barriers to learning within a child-centred, holistic environment.


Mrs P Crozier (HOD)

Mrs S Quinn (SENCO)

Support Staff

Mrs T Brookes

Ms S Murphy

Mr K McEvoy

Mrs K Magill


Department Aims

To encourage the social and emotional development of students.

To provide a nurturing, child-centred environment in which individual skills and talents are supported and developed.

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum to all students within the Learning Support Centre.

The LSC in St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School adopts a holistic, multi-sensory approach, whereby our students regularly participate in contextualised learning activities, providing them with transferable skills and knowledge to be used in the classroom and beyond. 


Curriculum- KS3


Our LSC KS3 curriculum is closely linked to that which is provided throughout the school.  Classes are engaging and include the use of educational software to enhance students’ learning experiences.  The development of Literacy and Numeracy skills, along with Personal Development Education; including Citizenship and Careers; are a priority within the KS3 LSC Curriculum, with topics adapted to meet the needs of our students.  Students also participate in Personal, Social and Emotional Development Programmes, delivered by external agencies throughout the school year.

Subjects taught within the department at KS3

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • History

  • Geography

  • Personal Development

  • Religion 


Subjects taught by subject specialists outside of the department


  • Art

  • Drama

  • Home Economics

  • Music

  • P.E.

  • Science

  • Technology 


LSC KS4 Curriculum


Students are provided with full access to the school curriculum when making their GCSE subject choices. Following consultation with parents, students and subject teachers, they may choose to undertake


  • GCSE Music


  • GCSE Art and Design

  • GCSE Technology and Design

  • BTEC Digital Media Studies

  • BTEC Physical Education

  • GCSE English Literature

  • GCSE Geography

  • GCSE History

  • GCSE Science


These classes are taught within a supportive mainstream environment.


All KS4 LSC students also complete GCSE Occupational Studies.  This is completed in our Technology and Design Department and at Southern Regional College – which students attend from 9-3 each Friday.


Within the LSC, students undertake qualifications within the following areas:


  • Entry Level English

  • Entry Level Maths

  • Entry Level Religious Studies

  • Entry Level Learning for Life and Work



Students also participate in the Prince’s Trust Employability and Personal Development Programme, providing them with the opportunity to complete work experience each February.  This vocational element within their curriculum provides them with the opportunity to sample up to three employment sectors, thus enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their post-16 options, whilst developing areas such as teamwork, working independently and critical thinking skills. 


The overall aim of our Learning Support Centre is to ensure that each student is encouraged to develop to their full potential, whereby they will be valued contributors to society. We ensure that each boy knows that Every Child Matters in the Learning Support Centre at St. Joseph’s.

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