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Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Tomorrow we welcome back the whole school for the first day of teaching and following timetables. School starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm. Please be PUNCTUAL.

Each year group has a designated area to ‘hang out’ before school starts. Pupils should not be on the MIDDLE or TOP floor of the building before the 8.55am bell.

Year 8 pupils - Assembly Hall

Year 9 pupils - Assembly Hall

Year 10 pupils - Bottom Corridor - Bay 1 Year 11 pupils - Bottom Corridor - Bay 2 Year 12 pupils - Bottom Corridor- Bay 3

At the 8.55am bell, pupils move to their form rooms for registration with their form teacher.

Tomorrow Period 1 will be a Form Period for Form teachers to collect any remaining School Funds and to sort out any issues that pupils may have.

The Timetable starts Period 2.

Best wishes for the year ahead boys...all we ask is that you TRY YOUR BEST!

See you tomorrow😊

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