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‘Music in May’ 2020 🎶

Dear colleagues, parents, past and present pupils, Our annual Music concert is slightly different this year in that we cannot gather together in our school assembly hall to hear the wonderful musical performances from our pupils and staff. This year I have put together a video sharing some highlights from the previous concerts and events, and rehearsals and music lessons in the classroom. This year has been another busy and successful year for the Music Department even though it was cut short due to the Covid 19 virus. I am often asked the question………‘Mrs Byrne how do you manage to have a very successful Music Department? As you are the only music teacher in St Joseph’s’? There are many factors why St Joseph’s Music Department is very successful and the outstanding results that we achieve at GCSE and external instrumental examinations. To begin with, I would like to thank our school principal, Mr Murray and the Board of Governors for their support and the financial contribution made to the music department each year. Without the funds we could not do what we do, and our students would miss out on so much. Not only are they learning to play a musical instrument and performing together in the different ensembles, it has been scientifically proven that Music is good for mental health, discipline, social skills, literary and numeracy and much more! With the financial support from management, we are able to employ a team of music tutors both from the Education Authority Music Service and private tutors, that visit the music department on a weekly basis and contribute to the teaching and learning of the music curriculum. The Music Department has 9 staff including myself and as Head of Music I manage and organize all the tutors. THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT IS A TEAM EFFORT BY ALL 9 STAFF AND THE PUPILS! I would like to thank the staff of St Joseph’s for allowing the pupils to be withdrawn from their classes to attend their music lessons with their tutors. I know this does cause a significant amount of disruption to your classes and I do try my best to keep it to the bare minimum. Thank you for your support regarding this matter. Thank you to each and every one of my music tutors for all their help each and every year, and we have had some extra tutors this year covering other tutors. Mrs Naoimh Mathers – Brass Tutor EA Mrs Pauline McCourt – Woodwind Tutor EA Mr Stephen Dolan – Woodwind Tutor EA Mr Richard Bothwell – Woodwind Tutor EA Miss Nicola Hughes – Upper Strings Tutor EA Mrs Bronagh Brien – Upper Strings Tutor EA Mrs Martina Masterson – Lower Strings Tutor EA Mrs Ann Grant – Violin/Piano Tutor and String coordinator Mr Stefan Downey – Drum Kit Tutor Mr Mickey Murphy – Guitar Tutor Mr Keith Doran – Guitar Tutor Thank you to our parents who have supported me throughout the years and who have encouraged their sons to practice at home. My final thank you goes to all our music students from Year 8 to Year 12. I am so proud of each and every one of you who make the effort every day in music class and at rehearsals, so our performances can be the best they can be. Unfortunately, there is no refreshments in the canteen this year, where we chat and congratulate our students. Instead please do leave a comment, tag your friends or pupils who you have seen in the clips, and share our ‘Music in May’ concert. I hope you enjoy the concert tonight! 😊🎶 Next week I am hoping to have a second online concert; an online talent show, ‘Music in May..hem’. Get your entries in and send to my email address. sbyrne267@c2ken.net Thank you Mrs Sharon Byrne Head of Music