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Bolster Project with class 9DB

Lovely words from Patrica Murnion on the completion of the project. Well done 9DB 👏


Hi all

Today was our final sessions of the Programme and focused on the theme of

'Looking back, Looking foward'.

We reviewed the Programme to date in terms of the learning and information gained. To this end the young men created a class display which Lisa has kindly offered to put up in the young men's Form Room. This class display consisted of wellbeing tips created by each participant in relation to managing anxiety and keeping well. It is also hoped that this fantastic and invaluable display could be used for the incoming year 8 pupils in St Joseph's.

Please see enclosed photos of this fantastic display. I am so proud of everyone!

Secondly one of the issues raised during the Programme was the importance of talking to a trusted adult/ agency when feeling anxious or worried. Each participant received a self care pack which contains contacts / info on local supports which they or a family member can access if they need to do so for example, Bolster, PIPS, Samaritans, Lifeline to name but a few. Each young person also received a pack of colouring pencils in preparation for their forthcoming exams.

Please see enclosed photos.Each young also received their FFL Programme Certificate. Well done to all!

Thirdly, we did evaluation of the Programme with the Group in terms of their thoughts and recommendations for future Programmes.

Some really invaluable feedback- thank you!

Thank you again for all your support with our Programme. We so appreciate it especially the invaluable and fantastic support from Lisa during each session.

Have a lovely Summer and a well deserved break . Once again a big thank you to all the Team in St Joseph's.

Warm regards



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