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Good Morning Parents, Guardians and Pupils

First of all, it is important that we thank you for your tolerance and understanding over the past half-term. Due to the pandemic we have established new guidelines and ways of teaching. These were put in place to protect your sons, your families and our staff. I am delighted that we have made it this far without a single pupil having to lose a day of school due to another pupil or member of staff testing positive.

Yesterday Peter Weir announced that “education settings will have the half-term holiday break extended from 19 to 30 October”. Therefore, we will be closing on Friday the 16th of October. He went on to state that this period was “not intended to be used for remote learning”. It is for this reason we are making the following decisions:

Key Stage 3: Remote learning will not be taking place. Pupils are encouraged to revise the material covered in the first half-term and consolidate this learning. All materials can be accessed through Google Classroom. Pupils have been provided with codes for each subject. If pupils do not have codes, please contact me at

Key Stage 4: It is vital that these pupils continue to study over the extended break. All key stage 4 pupils will be provided with work to complete over the break. This is exactly what we would expect in normal circumstances and this extended break should be no different. All pupils will be leaving with their bags on Friday and where possible, pupils will be provided with paper copies of the work to be completed.

It has been fantastic having your sons back in St Joseph’s where they belong. Hopefully we will see them back on Monday the 2nd of November. We will continue to look after and care for them.Should this situation change we will be in contact.

Best wishes and take care

Declan Murray



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