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Key Stage 3 Student Council

Pictured below is our newly formed Key Stage 3 Student Council.

Year 8

Class 8LMK

El Magno Monterroso & Eoghan Rice

Class 8MMG

Mathieu McParland & Ethan Rice

Class 8KL

Michael Bannon Kegeci & James McClure

Class 8SP

James Bennett & Rhys Gorman

Year 9

Class 9FB​

David Morrison & Harry Rice

Class 9DN​

Niall Woods &Travis Doran

Class 9BF​

Oskar Karpiel & Ashton Rooney

Class 9DB ​

Kacper Kozubal & Evan Torley

Year 10

Class 10RP

Rian O'Hagan &James McCrink

Class 10SB

Oisin Flynn & Luke Shields

Class 10GR

Dean Murphy & Oliwier Szypulewski

Class 10OC

Aaron Black & Jay Morrison

This group will meet frequently with Mr Fox, Miss Legge and Mrs Muckian to discuss school life. We wish them all well! 👍


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