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Thank you to the Buttercrane Shopping Centre for hosting our fundraising event for Barnardos Children’s Charity. St Joseph’s Wind band performed a programme of festive music, keeping the shoppers tapping their toes! 🎶

Thanks to our board tutors Mrs Mathers and Mrs McCourt for all their hard work this term with our students, past pupil Dean McCullough who brought along his Trombone to join the band, and all our staff and parents who supported the event. Thanks to Micheal McAteer, Nathan Cunningham and Aaron Dunne- Madigan for shaking the Barnardos buckets, and helping myself throughout the event and throughout the term. Great lads. 👏👏👏

Special thanks to Mr Nolan who organised the transport and got all equippment safety to and from the Buttercrane. 

The grand total for Barnardos will be revealed tomorrow, we are still counting the money. 

Mrs Byrne 

Head of Music


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