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SEPTEMBER 2021 AWARDS - Form Teacher Award

Form Teacher Award

Congratulations to the following boys who were nominated by their Form Teacher to receive this award. The boys were chosen for their good behaviour, work ethic, kindness and role models for others.

Well done boys 👏

8LMK - Matthew Laskowski

8MMG - Mark Rooney

8KL - Shea O’Doherty

8SP - Jack O’Hare

9BF - Peter Keenan

9FB - David Morrison

9DN- Aaron Pyers

9DB - Logan Weir

10SB - Conall McMillan

10RP - Muhammad Ghulam

10GR - Emmet Collins

10OC - Mathieu McGuigan

LSCSQ - Lukas Nikulina

LSCPC - Kyle Black

11GB - Gavin McHugh

11CT - Nguyen Tran

11MM - Ryan Byrne

12JF - Owen McFee


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