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Student Awards 🥇

More ‘Over and Above’ awards were given out this week to these amazing students! They were chosen by their form teachers, Year Heads, School Principal and Heads of Departments for their excellent behaviour, hard work and being so dedicated to their studies during these difficult times of the pandemic. 😷

Year 8 Awards

Class 8BF - John McAteer

Class 8DN - Daniel McArdle

Class 8DB - Al Mahameed Abd

Class 8FB - Charlie Phelan

Year 9 Awards

Class 9SB - Conall McMillan

Class 9RP - James McAteer

Class 9GR - James Rice

Class 9OC - Jake Mallon (no photo)

Class 9SQ - Niall McGuigan (no photo)

Year 10 Awards

Class 10ER - Calum O’Neill

Class 10MM - Ryan Byrne

Class 10GB - Paul Trainor

Class 10CT - Jonathan Savage (No photo)

Year 11 and Year 12 Awards

Class 11JM - Joseph McClenaghan

Class 11JF - Kacper Bojczuk (No photo)

Class 12KL - Jakub Malecki

Class 12MMG - Kyle Boswell

Class 12SP - Salvatore Merendino (No photo)

Class 12PC - Daniel Szego

Year Head Awards

Year 8 - Aleksander Sikorski

Year 9 - James McAteer

Year 10 - Sean Hughes

Year 11 - Matthew Rice

Principal Award

Our school principal Mr Murray had a very difficult task choosing one pupil out of hundreds of students for this prestigious award. Year 9 student Stephen Murphy-McIlroy was chosen for this award for his integrity and honesty.

Home Economics 👨‍🍳 Awards

Key Stage 3 - Luke Shields - Class 9SB

Key Stage 4 - Conan Kelly - Class 12SP

Music 🎶 Awards

Key Stage 3 - Dylan-John Franks - Class 8BF

Key Stage 3 - Daniel Kearney - Class 9SB

Key Stage 4 - Jakub Malecki - Class 12KL

PE Award

Alex Heaney - Class 8FB

Art Award

Don Farrell - Class 10CT

Technology and Design Awards

Key Stage 3 - Aaron O’Hanlon - Class 10GB

Key Stage 3 - Don Farrell - Class 10CT

Key Stage 3 - Shae Gray - Class 10MM

Congratulations boys 🎉 👏


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