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This subject intends to

  1. Foster enjoyment in the experience of learning and encourage pupils to take pride in their achievements.

  2. Focus on the needs and opportunities which arise from a wide range of contents, including home, leisure and industry.

  3. To provide opportunities to work with a wide range of materials including wood, metal and plastic.


Mr Doyle

Mr Mallon

Mr Nolan

Mr McEvoy (Technician)

Health & Safety

It is important that all pupils are given an early and clear understanding of the safe practice in Technology & Design.  


Safety will be stressed from the first day the pupil arrives in the Department. It will be reinforced consistently during the manufacture and design stages of each specific task.

Year 11 & 12

Two year GCSE Technology & Design (Resistant Material) Course


Year 11


Pupils will design and make projects using wood, metal and acrylic. They will use these experiences to help decide on a chosen project and material for their main project in GCSE. Pupils will be required to complete theory work through-out their year 11.

Year 12


Pupils will design and make a major project that solves a particular design problem. By Easter of Year 12, each pupil will be required to have completed a design folder and a practical project for assessment for their GCSE exam.


Occupational Studies 


Year 11



a) Manufacturing Techniques ( Sheet metal )

b) Bench joinery


Year 12


a) Manufacturing Techniques (Hand Fitting)

b) Carpentry & Joinery

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